DC Universe Online

In my apparent quest to make it impossible to figure out what game I’m playing at any one time, right after I wrote my last blog post, I saw a livestream of DC Universe Online (DCUO) and decided to try it out. I’d played for a very brief (as in minutes) time when it was in beta, but I wasn’t impressed. The livestream made me reconsider. I’ve been playing nonstop since I installed it, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I made a cyborg supervillain with bow skills and acrobatic movement. That means I climb walls, do somersaults, vault long distances. There’s no falling damage. When you fall from a great height, you crash into a three-point landing that cracks the ground beneath you and then hop back up. Combat is exciting. There are combo attacks, people flying across the screen, flips, etc.

Most of the quests follow the basic kill [x] of something or collect [y], but they have a lot of style. Most have voiceovers, and the Joker, my mentor, is appropriately evil.

I’ve even done PvP and PUG dungeons, neither of which I normally have anything to do with. I also subscribed so I could get a hideout when I hit level 12, and I’ve been very slowly accumulating housing objects to fill it.

In some ways, DCUO is an action RPG single player game. The only time I’ve grouped with other players was in the dungeons. It offers a ton of things to do, from quests, PvP, and dungeons, to obstacle courses based on your movement style (super speed, acrobatics, or flight)  to crafting, which I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of, and collectibles that offer rewards when you complete them. Stats are separate from wardrobe, so you can have the exact look you want without having to sacrifice abilities, and the game offers tons of clothing options that are straight-up wardrobe-only.

This game probably won’t hold my interest for more than a month, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it at the moment. If you want to try out a game that simply remembers that games are supposed to be fun, I really recommend this. Who knows, maybe after I’m done with my villain, I’ll try out the good guys’ side.

And because I will never have a character with as cool a name in any game ever again, allow me to introduce my supervillain, Certifiably Insane.

Certifiably Insane


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