How does life get so busy?

No, really, how is it I can fill up every spare minute of my day and still feel like I’m running backward on a treadmill? I know I’m not alone in this. Hell, I don’t even have children, so I don’t have the added stress of also adding in kids’ schedules. I can’t even imagine.

Anyway, busy life has meant not quite as much game time lately. I still try to squeeze in some Guild Wars 2. My main is level 60 now. I’m slowly creeping up to 80. Maybe I’ll even get there before the first official expansion and requisite level cap increase.

I’ve also been keeping my eye on another NCSoft game, Wildstar. If you haven’t heard about it, I highly advise you to go to that link and watch all their videos. If you are or were a fan of World of Warcraft, you’ll recognize similarities in the art and humor. That’s because Carbine Studios was started by, among others, a bunch of former World of Warcraft developers.

Besides a little GW2, I’m also playing Two Worlds II with Joe on occasion. This game is not all that good. The AI often gets stuck. The UI varies between okay and laughably bad (the President could probably launch nuclear weapons with fewer button presses than is required to join a multiplayer game). The world graphics are fine, but the character graphics are fugly. I would not have liked the game if I’d paid full price for it, but since it was a Steam sale game and I probably only paid about $10, it’s acceptable.

I also reinstalled Mortal Online after discovering it went F2P. Or more accurately, it has a no-time-limit trial. Skill level limits, no housing, some limitations on thieving and the like, but overall, it’s a pretty good way to get into the game and have time to figure out if I want–and have the time–to subscribe. Mortal is the ultimate fantasy sandbox PvP game. Territory battles between guilds, player murderers, open world PvP, full loot. It’s my kind of game.

Guess that’s about it, unless you want to hear all about my dental quest to get a broken crown fixed.

Yeah, me neither.


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