Quick update and some brief movie reviews

We spent eight days in Orlando visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Studios last month. When I get a chance to go through the pictures, I’ll make a blog post or two about the trip.

I also want to post about the recently completed Guild Wars 2 Halloween events. Consensus: awesome.

We saw three excellent movies while we were on vacation: Looper, ARGO, and Seven Psychopaths. All different, but all excellent in their own way. I could easily rewatch all three of them again. Rather than describe the movies, I’ll just link to their IMDB page and explain why I liked them. Be sure to check out their respective trailers.


I adore Joseph Gordon-Levitt in everything he’s in (and considering he’s in a lot of stuff lately, I’m not the only one). The dystopian setting for this one could have been fleshed out a little bit more, but overall it presented a world in which violence was common, normal people struggled just to survive, and you could easily see how a looper could end up taking the job. There were some odd stylistic choices, like the Old West-style guns people were using in a society that had anti-grav motorcycles, and the use of silver bars for currency. But overall, a good movie I’d easily watch again.


This is another one that’s getting good press for good reason. It’s an amazing, nail-biting thriller based on a real event. I know that being a movie, it was more dramatic than real life usually is, but the actors turned in excellent performances, and Ben Affleck is showing himself to be a very talented director. This show was tense like you wouldn’t believe. You can’t help but fear for their lives. Since I didn’t know anything about the real event, I had no idea who, if any, would survive the escape.

Be sure to stay to through the credits to see how closely the actors looked to the real people. In a couple of photos, I had trouble telling the actor from the real person.

Seven Pyschopaths

I didn’t actually know anything about this one until I was looking for a movie to watch. It’s an odd dark comedy, similar to the director’s other movie, In Bruges, which I didn’t care for. It also reminds me of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, which I absolutely love. It’s a movie with a lot of meta jokes, very quotable, with an ending that manages to surprise you. I laughed a lot through this one. The performances of the entire cast were stellar, but Woody Harrelson absolutely stole every scene he was in. Really. Watch the trailer.


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