“Weekly” blogging update

I have a reminder each week to blog on Fridays. Once a month is the definition of weekly, right?

I’m still playing Guild Wars 2, though my time is split with Minecraft and Borderlands 2. It’s just as fun as ever. It’s a really strong game. All the hype you heard about it? It’s really justified.

We spun up a 1.2.5 Minecraft world, and once again the Minecraft addiction took hold. We’re running mostly the same mods as before: Redpower 2 (of course; can’t go without this one), Railcraft, Slopes, etc. This time we’re also running Mo’Creatures, but when we update to 1.3.2 we’ll have to ditch it. Unfortunate, but it appears to be a dead mod.


Borderlands 2 is just as fun and crazy as its predecessor. If you liked the first one, you’ll find its sequel to be just as, if not moreso, excellent.

We’ve been remodeling our master bedroom. We have to buy new carpet tomorrow and have it installed sometime next week. We also ordered a nice bamboo bedroom suite. We’ll finally have a decent dresser for the first time in years.

And finally, we’ll be vacationing in Orlando this fall! So excited. We’re going to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Fortunately, remodeling and games have kept me busy, so I haven’t had much time to dwell on it.


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