Random things

I’ve been mostly playing WURM Online, so I don’t have anything new to talk about gaming-wise. Today begins the next Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, and yay, my husband will be joining me.That’s where I’ll be spending most of my weekend.

We started rollerblading again, finally. It’s looking to be a hot summer already. It’s gonna be a while before we can do our entire 12+ mile route again. I wish the city would be more mindful of those of us who aren’t on bikes or walking. They put speed bumps on the sidewalks near the park at the beginning of the trail. They’re bike speed bumps, so we can still skate over them, but bumps and cracks are harder for us to navigate through than they are for cyclists. And for the record, I’ve had far more problems with oblivious pedestrians than I have with cyclists. I swear, some of those people want us to run over their kids. And they still haven’t fixed all the cracks in the sidewalks. They did, however, re-gravel the adjacent bike path, which means gravel flowed onto the concrete path, presenting even more hazards to our skating.

Joe on skates

We started watching Supernatural season one, after a friend highly recommended the show. She did point out that the first couple of seasons are very uneven, which is a good description for it. There’s some truly lazy writing at times (they should’ve just removed the “Bugs” episode from the DVD collection), and whenever I see what appears to be a plot hole, I have no real trust that they’ll close it, but the actors have good chemistry, and I like the setting.


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