Belize: Days 3 and 4

I wanted to get back to this sooner, but editing my current WIP got in the way.

Day 3

Anyway, day 3 in Belize was our first (and only) full day on the atoll. Today was a full day of kayaking, snorkeling, and sail kayaking. Today also happened to be our 18th anniversary! (Ignore the date on the camera; it was actually the 26th).

The first part was a 3-mile, 90-minute kayak out to another caye. About halfway there we stopped on a sandbar for snacks and pics.

If you ever decide to go ocean kayaking for 90 minutes, I highly recommend lots of arm and shoulder exercises. Even with all the exercise we do, I still reached muscle failure at one point and had to let my arms rest for a bit.

Once we arrived on the caye, we were told we would be snorkeling for about 90 minutes, which would then be followed by lunch, a short walk (which ended up being cut short for some reason), then we would sail back.

During this particular outing, our guide, Mike, took along a speargun to kill lionfish. He explained that this is a particularly invasive species of fish that was introduced into this ocean a few years ago. He managed to kill three or four while we were there.

That’s not a lionfish. I have no idea what it is, but it looks pretty dumb.

After a yummy lunch–as all the meals were–it was time to throw a sail on those kayaks and sail back. As I was the navigator, that meant I got the awesome job of controlling the sail. Along the way we saw some manta rays and reef sharks. At least I think they were reef sharks. Hard to tell for sure.

We returned home, cleaned up and relaxed before dinner.

Day 4

Our final day on the atoll. There was one final snorkeling trip, but I didn’t go on it because I wasn’t feeling well. Instead I enjoyed a relaxing morning on the beach finishing the book I’d brought along.

After that, we took a boat ride back to the mainland, then caught a van to our next destination, Pook’s Hill Lodge. Along the way, we got our first bit of unexpected adventure. The tire blew, and the driver didn’t have a spare. As luck would have it, his brother happened to be coming from the other direction, so we didn’t have to wait for a Good Samaritan, but it meant the rest of us were left stranded on the side of the road–in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country–while he went to Belmopan for another tire.

But finally we arrived at the lodge.

This place was fantastic. Electricity! Flush toilets! It was like heaven after two nights in safari tents. Our huts were gorgeous, and the grounds were so beautiful.

The managers, Kat and Dave, were fantastic about telling you exactly what you needed to do, what time you needed to get up the next day, and where you’d be. In the evenings before dinner, they had a little get-together with chips and salsa, to let people mingle and enjoy drinks.

Oh, and at night, you can hear the howler monkeys in the jungle. They sound like Darth Vaders.

(This isn’t my video; I just found it on Youtube).

And that’s it for day 4. Days 5 and 6 include zip lines, cave tubing, and rappelling!

More photos here in my Photobucket album.


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