I mentioned in a previous blog post that we’re going to be vacationing in Belize, and since I don’t have any games to talk about (really, all I do is play Minecraft and I TOTALLY HATE YOU GUYS FOR GETTING ME ADDICTED TO THIS AWESOME GAME).

What was I talking about?

Oh, right, since I don’t have any games to talk about, a friend suggested I talk about our trip. This is the trip we’re taking, and I can say this: if we die there, it better not be in a car wreck!

The first couple of days we’ll be on an atoll in the middle of a marine preserve. I’ve never been snorkeling, and I have a fear of being eaten by giant animals with huge teeth, but I’m going to go gamely into water in which things with dead eyes can swim up from underneath me and oh god maybe I’ll just stay on the beach and drink mai tais.

Assuming we survive that, then it’s on to Pook’s Hill Lodge and ziplining and cave tubing. Did I mention I am also acrophobic? (You’re going to sense a pattern to my phobias and this vacation). Seriously, I once couldn’t step off a ladder onto the roof of my house; I was too paralyzed to will my limbs to move. And yet, I’m going to strap myself to a harness attached to a cable in a third-world country and go hurtling through the oh god maybe I’ll just stay at the lodge and drink mai tais.

Cave tubing will be fun, though.

Next up is what I consider the apex of the trip: the Black Hole Drop. Just thinking about this can give me an adrenaline rush. What is it? It’s a 300-foot rappel into a sinkhole in the middle of the jungle. Yeah, I’m that insane acrophobic who can’t step off a ladder, and I’m going to strap myself in a harness and step off the side of a 300-foot oh god I’m definitely staying at the lodge drinking mai tais.

The last adventure is a hike into Actun Tunichil Muknal, a cave that once served as a Mayan sacrificial chamber. I have absolutely no claustrophobia, however, so that’s good.

I have a new waterproof digital camera, so I should have a billion pictures when we return. If we return.


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