A post about stuff

First, everyone go congratulate my friend Morgan Dempsey on being made Assistant Editor of Scape.

I haven’t played many different games lately. Mostly just Minecraft and SWTOR. My SWTOR subscription is up soon, and I won’t be renewing. Not a bad game, but like I’ve mentioned before, theme park games can only hold my interest in small doses. I tried a French MMO in open beta called Wakfu. It’s an intriguing title, far more complicated than the cutesy graphics would indicate. It’s going live in a few weeks, and they’re planning a server wipe, so I haven’t wanted to get too involved in it. Still, I’ll probably check it out again when it’s ready.

We’re going on vacation in Belize in a few weeks, so we’ve been upping our workout routine. I’ve added swimming to my weekly schedule, and I’m starting to get my endurance up. I’m up to a half mile, and now I’m working on needing fewer stops between laps. Our Belize vacation includes snorkeling, sea kayaking, caving, ziplines, rappelling, and hiking, so it should be a blast. Yeah, can you tell I’m not really a big fan of the whole “lounging on the beach with a book and a margarita” type of vacation?

I finished another round of revisions on my last book and started the first draft of another. Not willing to really say what it’s about yet, because I usually don’t know what it’s about until it’s done. But it’s coming along very well. Almost 20,000 words and I haven’t yet hit a drag point. I will eventually, of course, but I’m enjoying the ride as long as I can.


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