Has it really been so long?

I didn’t intend to go three weeks between blog posts, but two long vacations and a Minecraft addiction sort of made time run away. Yes, I’m still playing Minecraft. A lot. As in, I only have 30 hours in Skyrim since release because the rest of my time has been spent in our world. This is a game with so many endless possibilities, it redefines the phrase.

Several years ago, we visited the Great Sand Dunes National Park and climbed the dunes. In many parks, you’re expected (and sometimes required) to stay on designated trails, both for your safety and to protect the park’s resources. The Dunes aren’t like that. You’re free to go anywhere, take any route. It was exhilarating.

Do we take this really high dune now, since our ultimate goal is the highest dune in the park, or take that downward path, knowing it only means more ascending later? Do we travel along the top of this dune to that spot further from our goal and then ascend, or take this shorter path that requires more climbing? Sometimes we picked wrong (like in that picture, where we were sure it was a gentle rise when we headed for it. The sand really plays havoc with your depth perception).

Just as I love forging my own path in real life, I love doing it in games. Minecraft hands you the tools to do whatever you want and then steps back and says, “Go for it.”


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