You might think this will be a blog post about Skyrim. After all, it’s the game I’ve been most looking forward to. It’s the only game in ages I actually preordered, and off Steam so I could play it the minute it unlocked. Except I didn’t. When Skyrim unlocked, I was playing my latest addiction, Minecraft.

For some of you, this is old news. Minecraft has been in beta for ages. People have been talking about how incredible the game is for months and months. Four million copies sold. Yadda yadda. But I couldn’t get past the dated graphics. I don’t require top notch graphics. I appreciate them, but I’ll gladly play games that are graphically unappealing if the gameplay is awesome. But I thought Minecraft’s graphics were beyond my threshold.

But the idea of the game was interesting. Then I saw a PC Gamer article on the Top 25 Minecraft Mods. My interest was piqued once more, but I had enough games to play. I had active MMO subscriptions. Skyrim’s release was just around the corner. I asked, begged, pleaded with Dempsey to talk me out of buying the game. She, being the black-hearted woman she is, did exactly the opposite. She even took to Twitter and rallied the troops. No fewer than six people told me I was insane for not playing Minecraft.

So I took the plunge.

I finally shut the game down six hours later that first night. About thirty minutes in, I told my husband, “I…I think I understand what all the fuss is about.” The next day I kept talking about it. He’d been as opposed to it as me, but he watched some videos. He, too, decided to try it out.

We probably played about 20 hours that weekend alone. I found the photo realism texture pack, which vastly improved on the graphics.

We got other people in it. Everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying it. It dominates our game time. We’ve found an abandoned mine shaft deep in a cavern, a fortress in the Nether world, several small dungeons full of mobs and treasure chests. We’ve built castles and towers, and a skyway, and even a three-way-switching minecart rail beneath the earth.

I’ve started modding my single player game. Mods add so much more to the game. I want to mod the server, but with the imminent release of the final build this Friday, all the mod-makers are holding off on updating.

This is a game of extraordinary possibilities, a true sandbox. Not many games give you a dungeon to explore, and then let you take out not only the treasure, but the support beams, the walls, and then lets you carve your own path back to the surface (literally).


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