APB: Reloaded live action trailer

Got a press release about the APB Reloaded live action trailer and wanted to share it. It’s pretty cool, if a bit heavy on the slow motion. The song kicks ass. Check it out.

The release of the video trailer marks the launch of a unique Facebook campaign for APB Reloaded.  [a]list games and GamersFirst have partnered with Fanrank, the Facebook app designed to track and reward influential fans, to invite new players and encourage existing ones to spread the word about the game.  The campaign begins by awarding in-game prizes for those who share the live action trailer and get their friends to join in the Free2Play fun in APB Reloaded.  Later stages will introduce bigger prizes, new trailers, and ultimately a player museum of in-game and user generated content.

For the APB Reloaded Fanrank campaign, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/7rcuhr8.


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