APB: Reloaded…reloaded

Back to playing APB: Reloaded, because the game is just that damn fun. Since the last time I played, they’ve improved the matchmaking system. Matches seem to work a lot better, to the point where now it’s pretty common to end up in a fight of 6+ on either side. It’s crazy fun. Matches also come quickly, and they are almost always opposing fights (instead of missions where no one comes after you).

Oh, and see this car in the screenshot? This is your starter car. After all this time, I still haven’t bothered to upgrade it (though I made it look fantastic). Why? Because it’s awesome. Seriously, it handles well, it takes corners like a dream, and I can weave in and out of traffic like a racecar driver. I love my car.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t really learn to drive. Last night I was in a stolen taxi, being chased by another player during a mission. I made a hard left, guessing he wouldn’t be able to follow. Sure enough, I had no trouble shaking him off me. I spend a lot of my time between missions driving around the city, making random turns and 180s, trying to thread the needle without running into other vehicles, dodging other players, etc. It’s helped my driving skills immensely in the game. I practice with the different vehicle types, trying to get a feel for how they handle (and trust me, the handling is different with different vehicles). I find my best driving occurs with the starter car, the four-door pickup, and the taxi. I’m still working on the old muscle car that looks like a Charger and the little Porsche-like sports car. The worst is the luxury car that reminds me of a Lexus. I swear, I can flip that thing by looking at it sideways.

You can still play APB effectively without spending a dime, and they’re getting closer to the official release. It’s a great time to hop into the game.


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