Will ArcheAge be the greatest game ever made or an impossible dream?

ArcheAge is a fantasy MMO from Korean developer XL Games, and the man behind it, Jake Song, claims it will be the first third-generation MMO ever made, a hybrid of theme park and sandbox. Every piece of information coming out about the game tells me it could well be the most amazing MMO ever created. The easiest way to see what I’m talking about is to go to AAPortal and watch several of the videos. Harvesting, ship-building, house-building, castle-building, furniture-building, sieging, questing, ship-to-ship combat, hang-gliding (!), PvP, and more.

But can it stand up to all the hype? It uses the CryEngine3 engine. That means it looks damn good, but anyone who knows about games knows that engine eats lesser computers for a late night snack. Also, Korean games are often known for being grindfests, which is something Western gamers are less tolerant of. And then there’s the fact that the game has no EU or NA publisher, so right now, the only known release is in S. Korea. It hasn’t been localized into any language but Korean either.

Reviews have come out from the closed beta tests, and the most consistent thing I keep seeing is “I played all night.” Even the Massively hands-on talked about playing until the sun came up.

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, I’ll keep drooling over the videos and news as it’s released.


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